Spot On

Feb 13, 2014


Spot On Sciences Announces Collaboration with Brown University for HIV Research

Austin, TX—February 10, 2014 – Spot On Sciences has announced a collaboration with Rami Kantor, MD to support his research entitled, “HIV Drug Resistance Testing using HemaSpot, a Novel Blood Storage Device.” Dr. Kantor is an internal medicine and infectious diseases physician, Associate Professor in the Division of Infectious Diseases at Brown University. His main research interests are HIV diversity, molecular epidemiology and the evolution of drug resistance to antiretroviral drugs including HIV variants that predominate in resource-limited settings and in developing countries, where the majority of the AIDS epidemic is located.

The HemaSpot™ blood sampling device, developed by scientists at Spot On Sciences, is based on dried blood spot (DBS) technology. The patent pending device allows blood sample collection to be performed away from a lab, improves sample quality, simplifies collection, and allows for stable sample storage for years at room temperature. These product features make an ideal fit for blood sampling efforts in resource scarce areas of the world.


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