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World AIDS Day 2017

World AIDS Day 2017

Today is World AIDS Day, Dec. 1.  As I write my annual blog, I continue to be energized by a personal passion along with the dedication exhibited by many of my colleagues to make a difference in the global HIV/AIDS community.  It may seem odd to say “passion” but it is fitting.  My earnestness towards …


Spot On Sciences Inc. Announces Issuance of US Patent for a biological sample collection and preservation method using DBS technology

Austin, TX September 25, 2017—Spot On Sciences, Inc., a medical device company that is actively developing innovative methods for collecting and storing blood samples, today announced that the United States Patent and Trademark Office has issued US Patent 9759640 covering biological sample collection and preservation using dried blood spot (DBS) technology.  Spot On Sciences has …

SOS at AACC 2017

New product, new website, new abstracts, new DBS article of the month!

The 2017 AACC Annual Meeting held in San Diego, CA was a blast! A record number of 21,300 attendees of primarily laboratory medicine professionals and healthcare leaders came to the meeting to explore cutting edge research and emerging Public Health topics.  Besides our own poster presentations, the conference highlights included talks from Dr. Doudna and …

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Public Health Solutions and Spot On Sciences Collaborate on Home Collection Study to Monitor HIV

Austin, TX August 22, 2017 –Researchers at Public Health Solutions, in collaboration with Spot On Sciences and two US-based universities, recently completed enrollment in an NIH-funded online study to conduct at-home collection of blood to quantify HIV-RNA among a sample of U.S. HIV-positive men who have sex with men (MSM). The study was designed to …

Newsletter: Name the Robot Contest, “Ask the DBS Expert” and more!

We’ve got a robot! Spot On Sciences’ automated robot allows for easy sample processing from the HemaSpot-HF blood collection device. Help us name our robot! Win a Spot On Sciences’ t-shirt! Spot On Science’s CEO, Dr. Jeanette Hill, talks about #driedbloodspot technology at this year’s #SXSW and more.

HemaSpot-HF Automation is Here!

HemaSpot-HF automation is here! Spot On Sciences’ automated robot allows for easy sample processing from the HemaSpot-HF blood collection device.