Spot On

Sep 13, 2011


Spot On Sciences Simplifies blood tests for elderly and remote patients.

Jeanette Hill is founder ofSpot On Sciences, offering medical devices designed to improve biospecimen collection for medical diagnostics. HemaSpot, the initial product, offers simplified remote blood collection by finger stick and sample shipment by mail.

For example, for elderly patients, taking a sample by HemaSpot would be “less invasive, less painful” than venipuncture, according to a nursing home facility director. Blood sampling is greatly simplified for patients in remote locations such as rural areas, those who are homebound, military in the field and healthcare workers in developing nations.

Instead of traveling to a clinic to get blood drawn for a fasting blood test, and missing coffee or breakfast, users simply get out of bed, take a blood sample with HemaSpot, and drop it in the mail.

Long-term stability and ease of sample storage allows for long-term storage that enables future testing, such as comparison of historical to current patient status or for newly discovered diagnostic tests.

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