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Jun 2, 2015



Spot On Sciences, Inc., a medical device company that is actively developing innovative methods for collecting and storing blood samples, today announced that the United States Patent and Trademark Office has issuedUS Patent 9040236covering biological fluid sampling and storage apparatus for remote use. Spot On Sciences has exclusive rights to the patented technology and has additional devices in development.

The biological fluid collection and storage device, developed by scientists at Spot On Sciences, presents an alternative to traditional venipuncture. The device, called HemaSpot™, is based on dried blood spot (DBS) technology which is best known for newborn screening. HemaSpot™ improves sample quality, simplifies collection, and allows for stable sample storage at room temperature. In contrast, samples collected by venipuncture generally require a trained phlebotomist, sterile equipment, specialized needles and collection tubes in addition to refrigeration for storage. Interest in DBS has been increasing as methods of analysis continue to improve.

“We are confident that Spot On Sciences’ patent will provide our products with long-term market exclusivity,” said Jeanette Hill, PhD, President and CEO of Spot On Sciences. “This patent is just the first step in disrupting the way laboratory tests are done effectively changing the way we view healthcare.”

The single-use HemaSpot™ device uses a finger stick to collect and dry two drops of blood within a protective cartridge. Once dried, the sample is stable at room temperature and can be safely and easily shipped to a diagnostic test site for analysis. Traditional DBS involves a multi-step process that is subject to errors from moisture, contamination, and sample loss. HemaSpot’s™ innovative design addresses these problems, streamlining the entire process. Common disease markers can be measured including proteins, nucleic acids and small molecules.

Prior to the USPTO announcement, HemaSpot received the CE mark indicating ability to meet safety, health and environmental protection requirements enabling free movement of the product within the European market. HemaSpot has also been granted patent 61/377,323 by the Commonwealth of Australia.

About Spot On Sciences

Spot On Sciences, Inc., located in Austin, Texas, is a medical device company that is actively developing innovative methods for collecting and storing biological fluid samples. The company’s current product, HemaSpot™, allows for simplified blood sample collection and storage for dried blood spot (DBS) testing. Spot On Sciences aspires to change existing paradigms in this mature market with technologies that simplify processes, save time and reduce costs. The company has been recognized with many awards including the SXSW Interactive Accelerator (2013), RISE Global Pitch Competition (2013), 1776 Challenge Cup– Health category (2014), the Astia/WeOwnIt Venture Competition (2014) and named North America champion in the Kauffman Foundation’s Global Pitch Competition (2014). For more information visit the company’s website at


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