Spot On

Dec 15, 2013


Spot On Sciences at the Association for Molecular Pathology Annual Meeting

Poster to be presented at AMP’s annual event in Phoenix, AZ – Nov 12-15, 2013

Connect with Spot On sciences at the annual meeting of the Association for Molecular Pathology in Phoenix, Arizona during November 12-15, 2013. Dr. Jeanette Hill, CEO of Spot On Sciences, will be presenting a poster entitled “Analysis of Circulating miRNA from Dried Blood Spots.

This event is targeted to “…clinical practitioners, research scientists, medical education professionals, and students and postdoctoral fellows with an interest in gaining a basic and/or advanced understanding of diagnostic, prognostic, and therapeutic approaches in the areas of hematopathology (leukemias, lymphomas, lymphoproliferative disorders), solid tumors and soft tissue tumors, infectious diseases (viral, bacterial, fungal, parasitic), and inherited diseases, with the goal of improving patient care, improving clinical practice, and enabling constructive interactions with pathologists, other health care practitioners, and laboratory directors and technologists.”


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