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Mar 12, 2013


Spot On Sciences at SXSW Accelerator

Three West Coast investors picked three East Coast healthcare startups to move on to the final round of theSxSW health acceleratorin Austin on Monday.

NeuroTrack,DocphinandCareport Healthbeat out five other healthcare startups. It was a standing room only crowd as the entrepreneurs pitched to three judges from the Bay Area. Stacy Feld of Physic Ventures, Nina Kjellson of Interwest and Lisa Suennen of Psilos asked about working with payers, getting reimbursed, and expansion opportunities.

Careport Healthmodernizes the process of finding care for patients leaving the hospital.
“Hospitals have paper lists of providers and they have to call and see if the facilities can take new patients,” CEO and co-founder Lissy Hu said. “All of this back and forth can take up to 20 hours.”

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