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HemaSpot™ SE's spiral-shape design allows for separation of whole blood into its constituent parts of whole blood cells and serum.


Separates cellular from non-cellular components


Suitable for tests that require serum, such as viral load quantitative testing


Multiple tests can be performed from one sample


Sample separation allows for wider variety of testing

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Serum collection at your fingertips; HemaSpot SE is the uniquely designed, patented device that allows for the separation of whole blood into its constituent parts of whole blood cells and serum.

After 4-5 drops of blood are applied, sample separation will take place within 5 minutes.

The cartridge is then ready for shipping, the moisture-tight design and tamper-evident latch assures the sample remains uncompromised. 


HemaSpot SE separates serum from whole blood by impeding the movement of larger particles such as whole cells while allowing serum soluble components to flow freely through the form.

The device contains a spiral-shaped filtering membrane that allows separation of blood components using lateral flow.

The device also contains a mesh-like barrier to calibrate the rate of sample drying.

Red blood cells, platelets and leukocytes are found concentrated in the center of the form while serum and serum components are found in the spiral arm away from the red blood cells.

Listed here are a few well-suited applications for the HemaSpot SE, but we encourage anyone looking for a venipuncture alternative to contact us

The application of remote self-sampling is a rewarding solution for patients and organizations looking to improve usage, adherence, or drug monitoring.

To see a complete list of extracted analytes / panels click here.

Drug Monitoring
Clinical Research / Trials / Diagnostics
Public Health
Wellness Testing
Drugs of Abuse
Disease Surveillance
Population Studies
Biobanking / Biomarker Studies
Veterinary / Animal Testing

Sample Analysis

Samples punched (positions A, B, C, D; Fig. 1) from blood separated and dried on HemaSpot SE show high DNA levels only at position A.

RNA is found in both cell (A, B) and non-cell (C, D) positions.  

The small molecule, Nifedipine, shows similar levels for all positions.


Product Summary Sheet

Overview of the HemaSpot SE device, usage benefits, unique features and applications.  Click here to download the PDF if you would like to let others know that you are exploring the latest in remote self-sampling technology.

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HemaSpot SE Blood Collection Kit

Collect and ship with ease, our kits require minimal training and can be mailed back via standard post for processing. 

HemaSpot SE device | IFU | 1 lancet | 1 alcohol pad | 1 sterile gauze pad | 1 adhesive bandage

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