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HemaSpot™ HF's fan-shape design enables even distribution across each of the eight blades allowing for reproducible analysis from the sample - no punching required.

Even Distribution

Fluid disperses uniformly across blades, reducing hematocrit effect

Replicate Samples

Eight identical blades allow for repetitive and reproducible testing

Punching Not Required

Reduces possibility for contamination during punching process

No Sample Waste

Pre-cut fan form enables 100% sample utilization

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HemaSpot HF is a pending FDA Class 2 device, used for the collection and transportation of blood microsamples that once dried are non-biohazardous.

The HemaSpot HF cartridge contains an absorbent collection matrix with desiccant.  Covering the collection component is an application surface that contains a small opening to allow any biological fluid to enter.

Once 2-3 drops of fluids are collected, the cartridge can then be immediately closed and the built-in desiccant will then dry the sample within minutes.

The cartridge is then ready for shipment, the moisture-tight design and tamper-evident latch assures the sample remains uncompromised.


HemaSpot HF contains the innovative HemaForm™ absorbent paper for improved sample quality and handling.

The samples can be safely stored at ambient temperatures for additional testing or for long term bio-repository storage in the moisture-tight cartridge.

The filter paper’s unique fan-shaped design promotes even distribution of the blood sample, enabling reproducible results from blade to blade.

This means that one sample, when dried, produces eight replicates that can be easily torn off and analyzed.


Listed here are a few well-suited applications for the HemaSpot HF, but we encourage anyone looking for a venipuncture alternative to contact us. 

The application of remote self-sampling is a rewarding solution for patients and organizations looking to improve usage, adherence, or drug monitoring.

To see a complete list of extracted analytes / panels click here.

Drug Monitoring
Clinical Research / Trials / Diagnostics
Public Health
Wellness Testing
Drugs of Abuse
Disease Surveillance
Population Studies
Biobanking / Biomarker Studies
Veterinary / Animal Testing

Product Summary Sheet

Overview of the HemaSpot HF device, usage benefits, unique features and applications.  Click here to download the PDF if you would like to let others know that you are exploring the latest in remote self-sampling technology.

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HemaSpot HF Blood Collection Kit

Collect and ship with ease; our kits require minimal training and can be mailed back via standard post for processing. 

HemaSpot HF device | IFU | 2 lancets | 2 alcohol pads | 2 sterile gauze pads | 2 adhesive bandages

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