HemaSpot-SE Blood Separation Device

Serum Collection at Your Fingertips

What is HemaSpot-SE?

HemaSpot-SE is an easy to use blood sampling device that provides a consistent, uniform and rapid separation of serum/plasma from a single finger stick.

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Stick finger with lancet. Add 3 drops of blood. Wait 2 minutes. Close lid and ship.


HemaSpot-SE is the uniquely designed device that allows for the separation of whole blood into its constituent parts of whole blood cells and serum.  HemaSpot-SE separates serum from whole blood by impeding the movement of larger particles such as whole cells while allowing serum soluble components to flow freely through the form.  Red blood cells, platelets and leukocytes are found concentrated in the center of the form while serum and serum components are found in the spiral arm away from the red blood cells (Figure 1).


Figure 1. Sample punch positions on HemaSpot-SE

Sample Analysis

Samples punched (positions A, B, C, D; Fig. 1) from blood separated and dried on HemaSpot-SE show high DNA levels only at position A (Fig. 2).  RNA is found in both cell (A, B) and non-cell (C, D) positions (Fig. 3).  The small molecule, Nifedipine, shows similar levels for all positions (Fig. 4).


HS SE chart - Fig 4

Fig. 2 Fig. 3 Fig. 4

Innovative Sampling

HemaSpot-SE’s patent pending blood separation device simplifies sample collection and blood separation.


SE Diagram




  • Clinical Trials
  • Medical Research
    • Rural or home-bound
    • Developing world
    • Chronic Disease monitoring
    • Biohazard & toxic exposure
  • Military field medicine
  • Disaster and public health crises
  • Disease surveillance
  • Epidemiology and population studies
  • Biobanking
  • Biomarker studies
  • Space medicine

And many more uses!

HemaSpot-SE Features & Benefits

HemaSpot-SE’s solution improves collection techniques and results by providing unique features:

  • Robust – Protects the sample from contamination
  • Safe – Reduces biohazard exposure
  • Finger stick simplicity – No special training required
  • Easy – Ambient temperature storage and shipping
  • Fast – Takes only 5 minutes from sampling to shipping
  • Stable – Sample stays at stable ambient temperatures