Spot On

Mar 27, 2017



HemaSpot-HF automation is here! Spot On Sciences’ automated robot allows for easy sample processing from the HemaSpot-HF blood collection device. Simply load up to 60 HemaSpot-HF devices in the infeed hopper and get HemaSpot-HF wedges seamlessly loaded into a 96 well plate. Through the easy to use interface you can specify the removal of 1 to 8 blades and the transfer of those blades into a single well or 8 different wells. The software will collect sample ID, number of wedges removed, plate ID, well location in the plate, and date/time stamp.

The Sample ID is collected at station 1 from either a 1D or 2D barcode before the device is opened. The devices is rotated to station 2 where sample detection occurs through an optical sensor where minimum sample fill area can be defined. If no sample is detected,the device will be closed and rejected. At station 3, the robotic processing of HemaForm samples occurs. The applicator is removed and the sample wedges are removed and placed into a 96 well plate.

After processing each sample the applicator is replaced and sanitation of the robotic arm occurs. Rotating to station 4 the HemaSpot-HF device is closed and re-stacked into the outfeed hopper. Upon completion of sampling, collected data can be exported for further processing.

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