Sales Development Manager

Brandon Milan serves as the Sales Development Manager with Spot On Sciences, responsible for business in the Eastern US and Canada, Africa, Asia, and Australia.  He works closely with clients and business partners in these regions to advance the worldwide adoption of Spot On Sciences technologies by ensuring their success and relaying findings in the field to the Spot On Sciences technical and marketing teams for incorporation into future offerings.

Originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, Brandon moved to Los Angeles to earn a B.S. in Biochemistry at UCLA.  There, he joined a world-class proteomics lab studying protein turnover rates in mice post-myocardial infarction, where he developed interests in animal research, biological sample collection, and analytical techniques such as mass spectrometry.  The experience drove him to pursue a position that would allow him to merge his technical background with his passions for business and the fast-changing world of medical technology.

After graduating from UCLA, Brandon began his career in the medical device industry at a biotechnology start-up specializing in small-volume blood collection, where he worked closely with the executive team to launch a disruptive technology and would become their top-performing sales representative for several years. In that time, working with a diverse pool of researchers and clinicians taught him the complexities of successfully implementing new technologies in a variety of fields, such as animal research, clinical diagnostics, and pharmaceutical drug development.  He is excited by the opportunity to bring his experience to the Spot On Sciences and Tribeca team to focus on an innovative new portfolio of technologies.

Since joining Spot in 2020, Brandon has reconnected with previous clients and incorporated systems that will ensure productive sales operations and customer service moving forward.  Most notably, he has worked to standardize package sizes and pricing for all of Spot On Sciences products, leading to improved turnaround time for shipments.  He is currently working to establish relationships with various laboratories and researchers around the world.

When able to roam freely, Brandon spends most of his free time camping, hiking, or working on his amateur surfing skills.  Nowadays, he finds himself spending a lot of time biking, tending to his aspiring apartment garden, and playing guitar outside on the patio.