HemaSpot™-HF Blood Collection Device

The next generation in Dried Blood Spot sample collection

How to Order HemaSpot™-HF

HemaSpot™-HF is not available for online purchase yet. If you are interested in this product, please request a quote.

HemaSpot-HF Sample Pack NEW

HemaSpot Sample PackExpand In the limited-time offer, you can get:

  • 3 HemaSpot-HF devices
  • 3 HemaSpot-HF kits
  • 1 HemaSpot-80 plate kit
  • 1 device key
  • Free shipping included (use coupon code freeshipping) *

All for the great value of $99

* For orders within the United States only.

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Product, Kit & Accessories

Hemaspot-80 Device hema-80kit key
HemaSpot-HF Blood Collection Device – #H0001 HemaSpot-HF Blood Collection Kit – #H0001k
Includes one HemaSpot™, 2 lancets, 2 alcohol pads, 2 sterile gauze pads, and 2 adhesive bandages.
HemaSpot Key – #H0010
Unlock the closed HemaSpot™ device with this easy to use key.