HemaSpot™-HF Blood Collection Device

The next generation in Dried Blood Spot sample collection

HemaSpot™-HF is a simple to use patented device for blood sampling and robust storage/shipping of blood samples at ambient temperatures. HemaSpot™-HF uses a finger stick to collect and dry blood within a protective cartridge. Once dried, the sample is stable at ambient temperature and can be safely and easily shipped to a research laboratory for analysis.

HemaSpot™-HF simplifies blood sampling which enables important medical research that was not previously feasible.

HemaSpot Exploded View

Fig. 1 HemaSpot ™ design

HemaSpot™-HF (Figure 1) is a cartridge containing an absorbent paper and desiccant covered with an application surface that contains a small opening to allow entry for blood. Once two drops of blood from a finger stick by lancet are applied (see Usage), the cartridge is closed and the desiccant rapidly dries the sample. The sample is immediately ready for shipping or storage while the moisture-tight cartridge and tamper-resistant latch assures the sample remains uncompromised. The device is approximately the size of a credit card and about 1 cm tall when closed.


HemaScan reading QR code on HemaSpot

Fig. 2 HemaScan™ reading the HemaSpot™ QR code.

Each HemaSpot™-HF device can be labeled with a unique bar-code for sample identification that can be read by standard readers such as smart phones or laboratory scanners (Figure 2). Bar-code recognition by a smart phone application (currently under development) may be used to alert a lab that the sample has been shipped along with patient information and a time and date-stamp for the sample.




The sample is shipped at ambient temperature to a testing lab where the cartridge is opened with a provided tool and a portion of the blood sample is removed for analysis. HemaSpot™-HF contains the innovative HemaForm™ absorbent paper (Figure 3) for improved sample quality and handling. The remaining samples can be safely stored at ambient temperature for additional testing or for long term biorepository storage in the moisture-tight cartridge.

HemaSpot™-HF Advantages

HemaForm™ breakthrough patent-pending design

Fig 3. HemaForm™ breakthrough patent-pending design.

HemaSpot™-HF captures all of the benefits of dried blood spot (DBS) technology while greatly simplifying specimen collection and improving sample quality. A comparison of blood collection methods is shown in Table 1.

Table 1. Comparison of blood collection methods





Easy sample collection


Stable and transportable at ambient temp.


Ease of use with minimal training required



Bar-coded sample tracking


Small collection volume


Collection by finger stick


Quick drying for enhanced sample stability



Protection from humidity and contamination



Integrated collection and storage



By simplifying blood sampling, HemaSpot™-HF has many applications for medical research. We’ve been talking to experts in the field and the accolades are accumulating. In the words of a cardiovascular medical doctor, HemaSpot™-HF will “…completely change the way clinical research is performed.” A medical association officer has this to say: “HemaSpot™-HF will revolutionize blood sampling.”