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Shaping the Future of Biosampling

What is HemaForm™?

Fig. 1 HemaForm™ compared to traditional spot punch

Fig. 1 HemaForm™ compared to traditional spot punch

HemaForm (patent pending) is an innovative fan-shaped form of absorbent material that improves biological sample collection and analysis. The sample is applied directly to the center of the form and wicks out evenly into the eight blades. Once the sample has dried, a portion of sample is easily removed for analysis by plucking a blade with tweezers.

Compared to traditional sampling in which blood is spotted onto a flat piece of filter paper (Figure 1), HemaForm provides superior samples due to even coverage, more rapid drying and streamlined sample removal and handling.

Even Sample Coverage

The biological sample is applied directly to the center of HemaForm and wicks out evenly across the blades. Each blade contains 11.5% of the volume of sample applied (HemaForm-80 will hold up to ~105 µL blood). Recovery of multiple analytes is less variable from HemaForm™ than from traditional spots (Figure 2), due to more consistent sample coverage and reduced chromatography and hematocrit effects.

Analyte Recovery Chart

Fig 2. Increased consistency of analyte recovery from HemaForm™ as compared to traditional spots.

Analyte classes that have shown successful recovery and analysis from HemaForm include:

  • Small molecule (i.e. amino acids, drugs, hormones, peptides)
  • Nucleotides (i.e. DNA, miRNA, mRNA, RNA)
  • Proteins (i.e. hemoglobin, cytokines, etc.)
  • HemaForm is compatible with current analytical methods including LC-MS, RT-PCR, immunochemistry, etc.

HemaForm-80 is designed for application of 80 µL (2 drops) of a biological sample while HemaForm-40 holds 40 µL (one drop).

Rapid Drying

Biological samples applied to HemaForm dry at a rate approximately two times faster than traditional spots (Figure 3), likely due to increased surface area. More rapid drying may increase analyte stability for the samples.

Drying Time Chart

Fig. 3 Whole blood dries ~2X faster on HemaForm™ than traditional spots.

Streamlined Sample Removal and Handling

A portion of sample is easily removed from HemaForm by plucking a blade with a slight twisting motion using tweezers. Alternately, all 8 blades can be easily excised with a single cut from a punch tool. Each blade is handled with tweezers and fits readily into a well of a 96-well plate or microcentrifuge tube for easy extraction and handling.

Increased throughput for sample collection and handling can be achieved with the HemaForm-80 and HemaForm-40 Plate Kit.

Offering superior sample quality and workflows, HemaForm is a next generation technology for dried biological sample collection and analysis.

HemaForm™-80 and HemaForm™-40 Plate Kit

Combining the advantages of HemaForm with the convenience of a multi-well plate makes the workflow for dried biological sample collection, analysis and storage “1000 times easier” than traditional blood spots according to an experienced lab technician.

The HemaForm-80 plate contains 12 HemaForms pre-loaded onto a non-stick, air-permeable surface in a 12-well plate. The kit also contains a set of tweezers for easy sample handling. The HemaForm-40 plate contains 24 HemaForms and is also pre-loaded onto a non-stick, air-permeable surface in a 24-well plate.

This allows for easy and rapid application of multiple samples, such as for timed pharmacokinetic or method development studies. Offering convenience for large numbers of samples, the plate format is amenable to higher throughput assays.

The HemaForm-80 plate requires minimal handling which minimizes potential for sample contamination. Samples are readily dried and then easily removed by plucking a blade with tweezers (included). Remaining samples can be stored in the plate at ambient temperature.